Sunday, May 21, 1944

142nd day – 224 days follow

65        Fair

Went up on the hill and did up the chores, Mr. and I went to the beach club and looked it over, it sure is in bad shape, even the stucco on the outside has started to fall off.

Called up Pic and found that Walder and Harold have gone fishing.

Geo and Eleanor were here today.

Walder and Harold went fishing and caught some flounders.

Mr. and Mrs. H went up to Cohasset to Kingsbury Brownie Jr. and Jimmie Sterns’s daughter’s wedding.

Thel and Ski went to town to see and hear Uncle Elmer.

This has been a spoiled day for me.

Bill Whiting called me up and gave me a detailed account of the meeting up at Charlie Sherman’s last night. He said the meeting was dull and draggy.

Mr. McGee the minister was in for a while this afternoon.

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