Saturday, May 20, 1944

141st day – 225 days follow

65        Fair

Did house chores and mowed lawns.

This morning Mrs. H and Martha and one of the Bubbins girls went down to Hows Lane boathouse and out Mrs. H’s dosey in the beach wagon, she is going to have it painted over at the Yacht Club.

We stopped and looked the beach club over.

A lot of boats out after striper.

Thel has got thru up at the store.

Worked in my garden weeding all the afternoon.

I see the new owners of Ira Ward’s are at work ripping off the farm roof.

Went up on the hill to fix the fires on the way back I stopped in Walders.

Arnice and her husband were there, and he told us some of his experiences on the whaler and his trip on a square rigger to Africa and India.

It was Archeology Meeting tonight and I completely forgot all about it.

There was a grass fire on our back lot behind Kilmers this afternoon. Dot said Chuckie set it. Didn’t do any damage.

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