Saturday, May 27, 1944

148th day – 218 days follow

75        Fair

Got a package of books from Harry from Washington.

Mr and Mrs. Hornblower were on the hill this morning. Martha and the cook are coming tonight.

I showed Mr. Dutton the hummingbirds nest, the first he had ever seen and he is 79 years old, showed it to Geo Crowell too.

After dinner Thel, Eleanor, Eric and I went down to the camp. I pulled up a lot more huckleberry bushes.

Stopped at the hill on the way home.

Eleanor had to run into the pond to get Silver, he swam out and the wind was so strong he couldn’t swim back.

Rode over with Thel when she took Evelyn home. I went over to Grants and got two pairs of summer work pants.

Ski went to church and Mr. McGee came home with her.

Dave called up from Winthrop about 9-15 PM. His family got to Winthrops yesterday.

Thel and Ski went over to Walders.

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