Sunday, May 28, 1944

149th day – 217 days follow

80        Fair

Went up on the hill and over to the store. Saw Jem Adams and the minister there.

Archie worked some in the garden.

I was putting on an upstairs screen when I leaned back to fix the top of the screen and my feet slipped and I fell off backwards, landed sitting on the second round of the ladder, breaking the ladder and tearing the seat out of my pants.

Ski has gone off with the Rounds to their bog.

Eleanor took me over to the Armory and the Co took part in the parade, saw Bobbie at the Green.

When Eleanor and I got home David Straight, his father, his wife, two kids and a sailor friend from Colorado were here to look at my collection of Indian relics.

They were just leaving when Dick Cox, his wife and two kids, his wife’s sister and a friend came in and stayed an hour or so.

Thel took me up on the hill tonight.

Percy Finney caught two nice bass.

Archie was out in the garden planting beans tonight

Thel has gone over to Cozettes’.

Walder and Eric were in here for a few minutes this morning.

2 Replies to “Sunday, May 28, 1944”

  1. Grampa Brewer passed his agility and grace on to his kids and grandkids…we all have the knack of falling, tripping, or stumbling one way or another, but generally don’t injure ourselves!

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    1. We used to spend hours walking plowed fields looking for arrowheads, during that time he would stumble and fall two or three times. At first, I was concerned but after a while, I got used to it. Our fields are soft sand and no rocks so it’s kind of like falling on a pillow. I wish I could remember half of what we talked about.

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