Monday, May 29, 1944

150th day – 216 days follow

70        Fair

The redstart got back to the apple tree today. I have been watching for him for some time.

Eleanor didn’t have to work today.

Watered all the morning.

Ski and Eleanor went to Boston with Geo Holman to see Barnum Bailey Circus.

Thel and I took a ride down to the camp after supper.

The whole place is plastered with gypsy moths, looks as if there won’t be a green leaf left in a couple of weeks.

I took down some worms and caught four good sized crappies, they look a lot like a roach.

After I cleaned them, we went to bed and I watched a kingfisher and he has a nest right across from the point in Eben Shaw’s sand bank.

The catbirds have a nest on the point, the song sparrows are there so they will soon be building a nest.

After we went to bed a whippoorwill holllared all night from the corner of the paisa.

A lot of planes were flying around during the night.

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