Wednesday, May 31, 1944

152nd day – 214 days follow

90        Fair

When I got up on the hill this morning I saw where a woodchuck had eaten about half my beets at 8 AM. Mr Gibbert, Aston Howland, and Gus Hadaway showed up to build the steps and put new posts in the clothes yard.

Pic and Eric and David Jr. were here to supper, so we had quite a gathering.

Bill Whiting came up after supper and had a copper knife blade, a copper bead, from the Wareham dig, and three arrowheads from the nook Farm, one extra fine flint point and one of the rare type four point base, and one good regular type.

Rode over as far as J.B.’s corner with Bill and walked the rest of the way to the Armory.

We had moving pictures tonight.

I got a ride as far home as JBC.

When I got home Mick Swift had given Thel three nice stripe bass.

One Reply to “Wednesday, May 31, 1944”

  1. Mick Swift: Lived on river st. – was a house painter – Great grandfather of Jane Swift who was former Governor of Mass.


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