Thursday, June 1, 1944

153rd day – 213 days follow

82        Fair

Saw the pair of quail this morning.

The carpenters were up on the hill today.

Transplanted some geraniums, mowed lawns, and cleaned up trash.

Stopped in to see Pic on the way home at noon.

Sunday the boss said that they were going to try to get a woman to take charge of the Beach Club this summer.

Dave, Dot, Ski, Eleanor we to the pictures with Walder and Pic.

Saw the two quail today over on the fire belt.

The carpenter worked on the steps today.

Set out some tomatoes, cabbage, and peppers and pulled up a lot of pig weeds in the rows.

There was a thunder storm this afternoon but all we got here was a few minutes sprinkle that did no good.

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