Saturday June 3, 1944

155th day – 211 days follow

70-80   Fair – Cloudy

Dottie and Dave came up on the hill to look at the gardens.

After dinner, Dave and Dot, Thel and I went over to Pick’s and they said goodby, then we took Eric and went over to the depot to see them off.

Came back home and stopped at the store and Ed Holman’s.

Frank Holman has got home from Florida, he had been to see the old folks.

Eddie Hathaway is home on a furlow from Harrisburg, Penn.

Eddie Hathaway is at home.

We all went over to Picks to supper tonight about 9 pm Fred Ditritch called up Walder and said Walder’s sail boat was being blown ashore, so Walder and I went down to Stephen’s Field and she was ashore in front of the bath house and Ditritch was holding her stern to the storm.

We tied her with a long line to the rear bumper of Walder’s car and put a strain on it and we worked her up with the tide till it finally turned about 11 PM and I don’t think she is hurt at all.

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