Friday June 2, 1944

154th day – 212 days follow

75        Fair

Geo Crowell was up on the hill to take a look at the freezing unit.

The carpenter finished up the steps.

Ashton Howland brought his wife up on the hill tonight to take a look at the lawns and gardens. I was surprised to find that I knew her, she used to be Harry Clark’s wife.

Thel drove Charlie Frazier to Boston to the hospital.

When I got home from work we all went down to the camp to keep an appointment with Frank Raymond and talk over prospects of buying some more lots on the point.

We talked over two propositions that is two lots on the west side of the road for $300.00 for David and Dot.

Or $500.00 for four lots two on each side of the road, that takes in practically all of the point.

He seemed to think there was a fair chance of getting them.

After he left we all had a lean supper on the front porch.

We came home in bright moonlight.

About 9-15 the whippoorwills were calling all around the pond and also a cuckoo, on the point across from us, called steady for 5 minutes.

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