Monday June 5, 1944

157th day – 209 days follow

Income Tax

Henry Hornblower III

Martha told me that her mother called from Boston and told her that Harry is a daddy, had a 6 lb 8 oz son born this morning.

Went over to H.H. greenhouse and got 50 tomato plants from Steve and have set them out.

Worked the old rose gardens into shape.

Eddie has gone back to Harrisburg, Penns.

Brought home some tomato plants and set them out.

Hoed the rest of the garden and watered the transplants.

Archie and Cozette were in here for a few minutes.

Send my income tax $33.01.

Frank Holman came in at supper time for an hour, he has just got back from Florida, he drove back over the road.

Wrote a letter to Harry Hornblower.

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