Friday June 9, 1944

161st day – 205 days follow

67        Fair

Thel and Dot Dunlap went up to Brockton this afternoon.

Climbed up and took a look in the crows’ nest, there are only three young ones.

Stopped in to see Pic, she had just got back from town, she took both kids and took them up to the court house.

Stopped in at Ed Manters, and gave Grace $4.50 to give to her father for the plowing of my garden.

Thel got back from Brockton at 5-30 PM.

Worked in my garden till it was too dark to see. Percy was working in his garden. Archie came over.

I see the lights are going up on the hill.

One Reply to “Friday June 9, 1944”

  1. I remember Ed Manter. When I was a child, my mother would walk out to Manter’s Point and visit them. Ed and his wife Mary. They helped my mother when my father was injured, and I think my mother took care of their first child until Marie past, then she took over the responsibilities of helping raise Jesses children.


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