Saturday June 10, 1944

162nd day – 204 days follow

67        Cloudy

Saw the boss and Geo Crowell this morning.

Finney’s truck delivered the trunks from Boston, the folks are here for the summer now.

I went up to Stones old place with Mrs. H and Martha, we measured up the cyprus cribbing. I have never seen so many gypsy caterpillars before. The trees are absolutely bare of leaves, even white pines.

Geo Stefani showed up at noon.

Bill Whiting and his wife stopped in, Bill gave me two snapshots of the Browns dig, I gave Bill some plants of cauliflower. We took a ride up to look at Bill’s garden.

Geo and Eleanor were here to supper.

I spoke to the boss about a raise tonight. [this sentence is highlighted with arrows – good outcome?]

Rode over to town the Thel when she took Evelyn home, we saw Mrs. Sanderson, Cozette, Nona, and Archie.

Mardy rode home with us.

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