Sunday June 11, 1944

163rd day – 203 days follow

67        Fair

Went up on the hill this morning and saw the boss and we had quite a talk but we arrived at nothing definite.

We took a ride up as far as Richard Greenwood’s place.

We got back here at 12-30 PM and Thel, the minister, Tillie took a ride up to Rusty Rounds bog in Carver, where Rusty, Irene and the kids of the fellowship had arrived ahead of us.

We played a few games of horseshoes then had dinner, which was fine.

After dinner, played some more horseshoes and then all went down on the bog and weeded for a couple hours.

Then we went over to Darly Pond and 6 or 7 of the girls went in swimming.

After coming back we had coffee and ice cream, played some more horseshoes and then came home.

We had a two hour shower in the night last night and it sure did a lot of good.

Geo went back to Harrisburg, Penn this afternoon.

Archie cultivated the whole of his garden today.

I lost in only one double game today.

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