Friday June 16, 1944

168th day – 198 days follow

85        Fair

Mowed and trimmed all morning.

Saw Ernest Sawyer this noon he is having his vacation. He is looking very old and tired.

Saw the pair of quail twice today in Dot Dunlap’s garden.

Howard Engstrom’s family arrived today from Washington.

Mr. and Mrs Hornblower have gone down to Washington to see Henry.

I worked in my garden tonight as long as I could see and till the mosquitoes made life miserable.

There is one peach on the tree that looks as if it might develop.

Percy was watering his garden tonight. Acts now as if we might have a thunderstorms tonight.

I cut off the hummingbirds nest as there was nothing in it, she had him setting for about ten days and one of three things must have happened to the eggs, the house wrens from the next tree much have disturbed the eggs, as the red squirrel that is around else the blue jays that I have seen swooping around there.

Eleanor and Ski went over to town to the High graduation reception.

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