Saturday June 17, 1944

169th day – 197 days follow

80        Fair

Mowed lawns all morning and put down rugs in house.

Stopped in to see Howard Engstrom on my way home at noon, he and his wife and the oldest girls look fine as des the new baby, the little blond girl has just got over the measles.

The new baby looks so much like Pick’s it could easily be its twin, and although it is a month older, it is only one ounce heavier.

This afternoon I took a walk up to Ira’s pasture looking for an arrow head. Found nothing. County have a fine lot of potatoes there.

On the way back from the hill I stopped at Walder’s. Howard was there

Toot and May stopped in for a few minutes.

After supper, Thel have me a ride out to Bill Pierce’s to the M.A.S. meeting.

We had a good meeting and a fine supper.

Willard Whiting and his wife were there.

Bill Pierce had as good a celt he found this spring.

William and Mrs. Whiting gave me a ride home arrived at 12-15 M.

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