Monday June 19, 1944

171st day – 195 days follow

70        Showers

Mowed with the scythe some of the rough.

Geo Crowell was up to check on the freezing unit, it is running too warm.

No mail from Dave on Harry yet.

The garden looks pretty good, I have got the best looking corn, cucumber, and melons I have seen yet.

Got a row of glads that look good to me.

The showers we had today sure was a great benefit to the garden.

Eleanor didn’t work today for I expect this will be the last time George will be home till the war is over.

After supper I mowed the grass around the garden.

George and Eleanor came over for an hour or so, they left at 7-45 PM. to go over to his mother to stay till he leaves for Harrisburg, IU expect for the last time before he leaves for overseas.

Percy Finney said Harry Young was here at the house yesterday looking for Dave, he was driving a NH car and wearing a Canadian uniform.

The crows are sure doing a thorough job of hunting small birds nests up around the hill.

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