Sunday June 18, 1944

170th day – 196 days follow


Geo arrived this morning before we was about 6 A.M. when we got up he was getting the breakfast for us.

I stopped in at Walders and he and Howard and his two kids took a walk up on the hill to see the place.

Came home and we went down to the camp, Archie’s family came down soon after we got there.

Archie, Jubbie, and I went over to Triangle pond and fished for a couple of hours and we caught six red perch.

When we got back to camp Eleanor and George were there.

We all left for home a little after 7 P.M.

I moved two stone markers to the outside bounds of the lots we just bought.

I am going to take down a couple of more markers to put at the edge of the road.

Eleanor and George went over to his mothers to stay tonight.

Mr. Fraser told me Harry Young told him that his father is dying that is how it happened that he is home now.

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