Wednesday June 21, 1944

173rd day – 193 days follow

60        Cloudy

I found the hummingbirds new nest and I hope the house wrens don’t.

Fertilized the lawns and trimmed some of the shrubs.

Nando came up and got Mrs. H’s car and brought it back tonight.

Roger came up and took a look at the freezing unit.

Eleanor gave me a ride over to the Armory to drill.

We had a Co. Meeting after drill and it was voted to have a farewell supper next Wed night in honor of Capt Martin as he is leaving the Co and going to N.Y. to live.

I got a letter from Dave today and he said both he and Dottie are pleased to know that they are to get the lots down at the camp.

Ski and Eleanor went to the show.

Harlow, Sargent Cole and I went up to the police station as I got the spare clips and 200 rounds of ammunition for the Tommy Gun.

This is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer.

Ethel went to Club meeting tonight.

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