Thursday June 22, 1944

174th day – 192 days follow

70        Fair

The lawn got burned a little from the fertilizers I put on it yesterday.

There was a lot of crows on the Meyer House this afternoon kicking up a heck of a racket.

Frank Senior and Frank Junior and Geo Holman stopped in and we took Ski’s boat down to the mouth of the river.

The Engstrom girls gave me a good big mess of scallops and we all had a good feed of them for supper.

We had a thundershower about 6 P.M. and the rain came down in sheets for about 20 minutes.

Huck Davis Jr. called me up to see if I wanted to hire him up on the hill.

After supper Thel and I took a walk over to the Hathaways and stayed till 10-40 PM.

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