Saturday June 24, 1944

175th day – 191 days follow

80        Fair

Not so hot today, much better air not so muggy.

Mowed lawns and watered.

Mrs. Hornblower, Mary, and Martha came back from Boston this afternoon.

We put her sailboat gear in the beach wagon, she is going to take her sailboat from Jabez Corner over to the Yacht Club.

I worked in the garden after supper.

Thel and Ski went up to the Church to the Sunday school graduation.

Thel and I took a walk over to see Pic and Walder, came home at 10-40 PM.

The Kingsbury Browne property has been sold to a man by the name of Griffin, from Maine. Hope he will let Bill and I finish our dig on the property.

Saw a garter snake twice today.

Note: The image doesn’t match the entry! Jesse switched June 24 and 25 to July 2 and 3.

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