Wednesday June 28, 1944

180th day – 186 days follow

70        cloudy showers


This was quite an animal day as I saw a red squirrel in front of Sawyers, he was on a maple tree at the edge of the sidewalk. I walked up to within about four feet of it and stood and watched for several minutes.

There was a woodchuck across the field from the house and it was an old buster. I took a shot at it with a 32 rifle, didn’t get it.

Up on the hill I caught a live shrew on the lawn and tossed it over into the bushes.

Saw a chicatee eating a tent caterpillar in the cocoon stage.

About 4-30 I went down by the patch of beans and chased a rabbit out and up over the hill towards the Myers house, when I came back there was another in the garden. I chased that one up over the other hill by the barn.

When I got back to the garden, there was two rabbits eating beans.

Look tough for my bean patch. Saw a chipmunk by the shanty.

Went sea bassing with Thel for an hour tonight and two hours with Archie and didn’t get a thing.

Cleared up at sunset and looks as if we will have a good day tomorrow for a change.

One Reply to “Wednesday June 28, 1944”

  1. Laughed so hard at this one! My summer has been spent chasing rabbits out of the garden, and it’s true- as soon as one is chased away another appears munching on pea sprouts, or nibbling the broccoli…and they chew through our netting!

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