Friday June 30, 1944

182nd day – 184 days follow

95        Fair


The rabbits are still raising heck up on the hill. I shot at the ears of some of them to try to scare them away that way, but it didn’t seem to work so I had to shoot one.

Dewey was nominated for the president of the United States by the Republican party at Chicago.

Went over to the Armory tonight and we had no drill, instead the whole Co. went up to Carls in Manomet to attend a testimonial dinner in honor of Capt Robert Martin, who is leaving us for N.Y.

Doc. Goodwin is going to be acting Capt from now on.

We had a fine turkey supper and a fine clean floor show in the evening after the supper.

I rode up and back with Mr. Elderidge.

I had to shoot a rabbit today after I had shot four 22 bullet holes through his ears trying to scare it away from the garden.

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