Saturday July 1, 1944

183rd day – 183 days follow

92        Fair

Mowed lawns and hoed, weeded and fertilized some of the gardens.

Stopped in to see Pic and Eric on my way home from work.

After supper I went down to the harbor. Ski was out in her sail boat, she came in for me and the boat was leaking around the centerboard so I hunted along the beach for a can for a baler and I found a first class anchor in one pace and about sixty feet of good rope.

I found a can so Ski and I took a sail down the harbor and back. The wind was so stiff we had to come in.

When I got back I pruned my tomato plants and dusted my melons, squash, cucumbers, and beans.

The peanuts are in bloom so are melons, squash, cucumbers.

My early sweet corn is all spindled out and I have by far the finest patch of sweet corn I have seen anywhere.

Helen Covell is here with Ski. Thel has gone out to supper at one of her Clubs.

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