Monday July 3, 1944

185th day – 181 days follow

75        Fair

Went down to Howes Lane boat house and Mrs. Hornblower went over the Fire Station and she came back with ten men, so we picked up the sail boat and carried it right down into the water.

Saw Jenette Harlow and her three small daughters, she looks fine.

The mackerel were feeding all along the shore in knee deep water.

Mowed lawns and watered this afternoon.

Went over to the store tonight and got some tobacco, saw Frank and Freddie Enos and their mother.

Alma Cotti called up and said her mother wa operated upon today in Boston for appendicitis.

After supper I put a lot more mulch on the garden and did some hoeing.

Archie didn’t come over as he said he would.

Mr. McGee was in for a few minutes, he and Ski took the car and went to town.

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