Sunday July 2, 1944

184th day – 182 days follow

80        Fair

Sunday July 2, 1944

184th day – 182 days follow

80        Fair

Went up on the hill and Mrs. H and I went over to Howes Lane boat house. Jack Sampson was there, it was decided not to put the sail boat out so I came back to the hill and made ice cream, then went over thru Bramhall’s field, saw Frank Holman and talked with him for a while, got the paper at the store.

Geo and Eleanor came in for a short while.

Art Cox stopped in a minute and left his car in our drive, he and his family are down at the beach.

Eb and Grace Swift are over at Pick’s.

Ski and Helen went sailing all day and took their dinners.

They had a clam bake at the Beach Club last night.

This afternoon I took a ride up to Whipples corn field in front of the Jo. Boutin house, found nothing, on the way back I found over a quart of wild strawberries in the corner lot, saw two woodchucks in Bramhalls.

The Hathaways and we all went to the Memorial Hall to a Bond Drive show, put on by service units. Tilled direct hit and there was the largest crowd I ever saw in that building.

Ice cream at Hathaways.

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