Wednesday July 5, 1944

187th day – 179 days follow

80        Fair

Found a tiny baby rabbit dead in my path between the house and my shanty. I think one of the dogs had killed it.

Pickled 1 and ½ bushels of string or snap beans. Watered lawns and flower beds and weeded.

Ed Holman is feeling better today.

I got a letter from Dave today.

Ski and I got our bonds from the bank.

Went over to the Armory tonight there was only a few showed up after marching in the parade yesterday.

Mr. Eldrige gave me a ride back as far as Jabez Corner.

I got a letter from David today. When I came home tonight I saw a whale of a woodchuck in the field back of the house and took a shot at it from the garage and thought I hit it so I went down and it went into the ditch drain, Jack came down and he went to the other end and stuck his head in the pipe and started barking into the pipe, boy didn’t it sound up. I know the woodchuck couldn’t stand that racket long so I kept watch and when it stuck its head out, goodbye woodchuck

One Reply to “Wednesday July 5, 1944”

  1. Love the last line. If you aren’t a gardener, you might not understand the total destruction a woodchuck can do in a vegetable garden..and their persistence at eating all of the beans, peas, squash, cucumbers etc. is so great that it does drive even the meekest soul to extremes. Just ask me and my have-a-heart trap!

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