Saturday July 8, 1944

190th day – 176 days follow

90        Fair

Mowed lawns.

Geo was here when I came home at noon.

Gee is it hot this noon the stuff in the garden looks as if it was going to croak.

Betty Covell came down and got one of the kittens. Roger is to have the other one.

Went up on the hill and did the chores, stopped in to see Pic and Walder on the way back.

They went sailing this afternoon and Pic caught six small mackerel.

Thel went to a Church committee meeting tonight.

Saw Eddie Hathaway this afternoon, he and his wife and baby were in his father’s car.

I hardly expect that Eddie and Geo will get home again.

Fred Morton has been officially notified by the war department that Buster Morton is dead.

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