Sunday July 9, 1944

191st day – 175 days follow


Heard two Bob Whites at the same time, quite like old times.

Went up on the hill and did the chores, saw a buster of a woodchuck in Bram. field.

After dinner Walder, Harold, and I went out for a sail in his boat after dinner, we sailed over to Duxbury and back home around by the Cordage.

We trolled spoon baits and caught nine small mackerel.

Awful hot today.

The fellowship spent the afternoon on the beach and came here to spend the evening as it was a birthday party for Mr. McGee. They gave him several presents.

Watered my vines tonight.

Archie went clamming up by the Hotel.

George and Eddie went back to Penn.

Ran out of fuel gas up on the hill.

Mrs. H won our race and came in second at another at the yacht club.

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