Thursday July 13, 1944

195th day – 171 days follow

80        Fair


Mrs. H talked to Bud over the phone last night and he has got a 20 day furlow and is driving home over the road.

I got a letter from Pipley Bulin of Andover, he wants to borrow some of my specimens to put on exhibit at Andover.

Watered all day, picked beans and beets.

Stopped in to see the house Charlie Fraser is working on.

The folks that bought Hartwell’s Place are on their hill for a month.

We ate our fava beans at noon and they were good.

Got a letter from Ripley Bullen of Andover, he wants to borrow some of my Red Paint artifacts.

Thel went to a church fair at Manters this afternoon. They made $125.00.

Thel and I went down to the camp after supper, it sure was nice down there.

Two girls were fishing just off my point and they caught red perch hornpout and a bass.

I cast for an hour and a half and got nothing.

Lost my good plug, caught on a snag.

Cooled off during the evening.

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