Monday, July 24, 1944

206th day – 160 days follow


Bud and Priscilla and Mrs. H went back to Boston this morning.

Pulled up my string bean vines.

Toot is coming along fine, am going to call on him tonight.

I have several water and musk melons of pretty good size.

Stopped in to see Eric on the way home from work, Saw Pic and Walder and we went up to see a bone cairn that the kids had found on the beach. They think it is a human bone. I am not sure about it.

After supper, Eleanor gave me a ride up as far as the hospital and I went in to see Toot for an hour, while I was there Betty Covell and the Carter girl came in to visit him.

When we got back we all went up to see Martha Driscoll’s garden.

I sent up some cucumber and corn to Grandma Holman’s.

Saw Hugh McCarley.

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