Tuesday, July 25, 1944

207th day – 159 days follow


Watered and dug up the bean patch. Brought home some tiles as an experiment to see how they would work out as a help to watering my mellon vines. Watered the vines when I got home from work.

Eleanor got a card from George saying that his address is changed to Postmaster N.Y.

Ski went down to Fresh Pond to Sunday school picnic all day.

After supper Thel and I took a ride down to the camp and we went fishing in the pond.

Thel caught a bass and we got some red perch and crappies.

Ski said Toot was taken to Boston to be put in a cast.

Thel lost one swell big bass and one small one.

We had just a sprinkle of rain this evening.

There was a downey woodpecker on the apple tree up at the hill and it was a handsome bird.

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