Saturday, July 22, 1944

204th day – 162 days follow



Harry and I took a walk over back of the cow barn and took a look at the dig. Two of the markers were gone.

After dinner I worked in the garden.

Thel went over to see May about Toot and he has a fractured vertebrae and will have to be taken up to Boston and be put in a cast for eight weeks. Then will have to be changed into another cast for six weeks.

Thel and I went down to the camp for the late afternoon and night.

We went fishing and Thel caught a bass about 9-30 PM I was rowing and she trolling a plug.

We saw the Shaws, they are fine but their vacation is over, but they have let their other cottages for the month of Aug.

We worked for a couple hours on the pump, changing washers and then we couldn’t make it hold water.

What I think the trouble is the fact that the pond is at least five feet below normal and we think that there isn’t enough water in the pump well to make it work right.

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