Friday, July 21, 1944

203rd day – 163 days follow

70 Showers

Martha H

We had a few slight showers this morning.

Called up May at noon and she said that they have not decided just wha’ts wrong with Toot.

Swept all the rugs in the house this morning.

Saw three different quail today, the most I have seen for a long time.

This is Martha Hornblower’s birthday and she is fifteen years old.

Thel came home while we were eating our supper, she said that Eben Shaws brother, the one that is foreman of the Bosses’ cranberry bog was suddenly taken seriously sick yesterday, blood clot.

Doesn’t seem to be anything new on Toot’s accident.

I cut a mess of broccoli tonight.

Went up to the bowling green to look for some night crawlers, while I was catching them the lights came on and Mr Hornblower called down form the house and ased me to stay aas Harry had got home. They all came down on the bowling green and we bowled a game of 21 points. I and Mr. H lost.

Got 25 or 30 night crawlers.

Martha had a birthday party tonight.

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