Friday, July 28, 1944

210th day – 156 days follow


George and Eddie

Geo and Eddie came in at 6-30, he has got to be back at camp at 8 AM.

Thel is taking May up to see Toot today.

Junior drove George back to Camp.

At 9 AM this morning I saw a hummingbird building a nest on a limb of a pear tree in front of my shanty.

At 12 n, she had it finished and was on the nest when I went home to dinner.

When I got back from dinner I took a look in the nest and here was one egg. That is what I call fast work.

There was three rabbits in my garden on the hill, two of them were not mor than five weeks old.

Roger Maloon stopped for a few min.

Thel got home from Boston, she took up May, Miller and Shirley to see Toot. They took a piece of bone out of Toot’s leg and grafted it on to his back bone.

Thel and Ski went up to the hall to a social, got home at 12-10 AM.

George came home with is buddie Brownie. They with Eleanor went over to his home.

Eddie Hathaway got home Too.

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