Thursday, July 27, 1944

209th day – 157 days follow


Eleanor got up early and took Eddie back to Camp Miles Standish.

There was a rabbit eating my beets up on the hill.

The young hummingbirds fill their nest to overflowing.

Mowed lawns all day.

May called up the Hospital at noon and they told her that Toot had had the operation but was still under the ether.

Charlie Fraser has the cottage he is working on almost ready to paint.

Gee I wish we would really have a good hard rain.

Geo Stefani Dog Tag No. 31,208,932

George came in about 9-30 PM. H is at Camp Miles Standish, he stayed about 1.2 hour then he and Eleanor went over to his mothers for the night.

Ski and I went down to the mouth of the ricer and we got the anchor I found and I am taking it to the camp for the boat on the pond.

Geo had his hair cut short.

One Reply to “Thursday, July 27, 1944”

  1. I appreciate the references to my dad and the sequence that things happen, after the fall. Being 5, I don’t remember much except the turmoil and frightening things that were going on—this kind of puts a timeline on it.


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