Friday, Aug. 4, 1944

215th day – 148 days follow


Mowed lawns all morning.

Mrs Whipple came and got a lot of flowers from the hill to use at the wedding they are going to have tomorrow.

When I got home from work I called up Walder to see if he would go with me to see if we could find any blueberries.

He came over and we went up to the swamps on Bramhalls wood lot where we got so many last year. There wasn’t a berry. Just dried up blossoms where they froze up in a late frost last spring.

From there we tried for high blues on the other side of the road, not a berry there.

Then we took a ride up to Walder’s wood lot in Plympton, the frost had hit there too so there were no berries there.

We did find several plants of false Dragonhead on the woodlot, a rare plant around here.

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