Thursday, Aug. 10, 1944

223rd day – 143 days follow


Mr. Hornblower and Martha left for the Vineyard this morning.

On my way home at noon to see Eric and he is feeling fine after his experiences yesterday.

Tried to fix my wheel, no go. I will have to get some new tires.

Just as I was leaving work, Dr. Hogert and his wife came in to bowl a game on the green.

They invited me to play with them to make it interesting, as luck would have it I won.

They are a fine pair of people,

Ski and Helen Covell wento for a sail tonight. They came home with Frank Thomas’s pole and sea worms.

I watered my mellons and cukes.

NIce and cool tonight but the Radio says hot tomorrow.

Our troops are going places in France.

Wish we might hear from Alex Smith.

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