Wednesday, Aug. 9, 1944

222nd day – 144 days follow

Cool Fair

Eric, Roger

Pic had quite an experience today. Just before noon, Eric swallowed an aunt button so she called the Dr. and he told her to make him take salt water to make him throw up, it didn’t work, so Pick went out on the Avenue and stopped a car and took Eric up to the doctors and the Dr. pumped his stomach out.

Roger’s face is still quite festered from the bite the dog gave him.

Eleanor and Ski gave me a ride over to the armory. We got an issue of G.I. summer uniforms tonight.

I rode home as far as J.B.s corner with Dean Eldridge, Paul Goodwin, and Clarkie.

Charlie Fraser picked me up at Mabits and gave me a ride the rest of the way home.

Wanetta and her boy were down here visiting Thel this afternoon.

I am on my last row of sweet corn.

My water mellons are looking fine but it takes a lot of watering to keep them that way. 

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