Wednesday, Aug. 16, 1944

229th day – 137 days follow



Fixed the oars did some work on the boat and fixed the screen.

Thel and I went over to G.H. and got a piece of ice.

On the way back I got out at Haskills bog with my hoe and dug for 1 ½ hours at the old diggins that Bill and I dug and I got one quartz scraper and a spear but.

I walked back to J.P. and out to the end of the island so Thel came over in the boat and got me. 

After dinner we went fishing with the same luck.

There was an old Swede rowing a kid around and telling him how to fish.

I gave him two tiny red perch to troll with and he caught a four pound bass with one of them 

It has been fine and cool here with a stiff breeze all the time.

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