Saturday, Aug. 19, 1944

232nd day – 134 days follow


Put top dressing on the green up by the house and on the bowling green.

Brought down some beach plums sugar and tumblers from the hill for Thel to make some jam with.

Saw Martha Driscoll at noon and she said she let Dixie out last night and she didn’t come back and she found her dead this morning down by Finney’s.

The Hathaways got three letters from Eddie. He has reached England safe.

Eleanor didn’t hear from George yet.

Eleanor took the deeds to the lot over to the Registry to have the recorded $40.03.

Hoeing up a little, hope it makes out to rain.

Talked to Percy Finney for a while in the garden tonight.

Wrote to Harry Hornblower and Dave.

2 Replies to “Saturday, Aug. 19, 1944”

  1. Grampa brought some beach plums for Grammy to make beach plum jelly. It was a standard staple in our house as kids on Cliff Street. We would pick them along Manter’s Point and the Beach Club and Mom would make and jar the jelly. Yum!

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