Sunday, Aug. 20, 1944

233rd day – 133 days follow


Sure feels fine to have a cool day for a change.

Screened a bunch of loam to top dress the lawn Monday.

After dinner I pulled up the rest of the onions and cleaned the tops off of all of them.

Got out my target and was shooting at it when Walder and Eric came over. Walder had his postol so we both did some shooting together.

He gave me a ride up on the hill and we saw Mr. Hornblowe, he was getting his out of door cooker ready for a party tonight.

Eleanor went over to the Plymouth Beef to straighten out their books.

THel and I went up to Eldon Sherman and to M.A.S meeting, it was very well attended, there was a Mrs. Jones there that came here on the Gripsholm, she had been a prisoner of war in a concentration camp in Northern France.

She told of some of her experiences as a prisoner, and was very interesting woman to listen too.

We got home at 11-55 PM.

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