Wednesday, Aug. 23, 1944

236th day – 130 days follow


Had a cord of hard wood come up from the bosses cranberry bog in Rochester.

I have known for years that there was an Indian Campsite in Ira’s, Phil Chandler is putting up a fence around the property and I checked up on the post holes and there were clam shells all the way from the barn along Finney’s line and down across the field across the brook about ⅓ way up the east slope.

I rode over to the Armory with Thel tonight, we had an easy drill night and tonic and eats.

I rode to Jabez Corner with Eldridge and Charlie Fraser picked me up by Mabbits.

Thel went to club meeting supper,

Ski got her second and third lesson in art back and the report is very good.

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