Thursday, Aug. 24, 1944

237th day – 129 days follow

Fair   Cool

My father David Brewer

Father was drowned in Hoits Pond forty three years ago today.

Mrs. H and I bought 2 bushe;s of crab apples for Thel to put up.

Martha’s dressing table came today and the crate it was packed in was all to pieces.

I picked a musk mellon today.

Went over to the store after work and got some tobacco.

This makes 6 times that a Navy Blimp has flown up around Henry Hornblowers and cut their engines and just drifted around.

Thel is busy making jelly.

Mrs H called me up tonight and said Bud wanted her to thank me for the way I shipped his golf clubs to him.

Martha Driscoll was in for a short time this evening.

Saw two mourning doves.

My father was as fine a man as I ever met.

4 Replies to “Thursday, Aug. 24, 1944”

  1. I can’t imagine how strong my Grandmother was. She met David while working on an estate near her home in Tisbury England and fell in love, but she couldn’t marry because her mother was very sick. David got a job in Lanark Scotland, and after her mother passed, she joined him in Scotland and married. Her first child Jesse was born in Scotland. The returned to Tembury England and, she had Hubert, Ada in 1892, and Charles in 1894 (he died shortly after birth). In 1897, she had David.
    David got an offer from Eben Marsh owner of Jorden Marsh Co. to be his gamekeeper at his estate in Plymouth. David left her alone and went to Mass. to see if it was a suitable place to bring a family. Finding it was an excellent opportunity he sent for her.
    Imagine coming to a strange country alone with four children, one an infant. When she arrived in Boston, David was not there. Finally, an employee from JM came and brought food and took them to the train to Plymouth. She had three more children after she arrived in Plymouth, Gertrude, Alice, and Mildred. David died Aug. 24, 1901, Mildred was born Dec. 12, 1901, Her oldest child was 13 (Jesse) The were living in a house provided by the Marsh Estate and they let them stay through the winter and provided food and wood for the well being. The next summer, she got a job as a housekeeper, and Jess and Hubert had to get jobs so they could survive.


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