Monday, Aug. 28, 1944

241st day – 125 days follow

Fair   Cool

Did all kinds of chores this AM getting ready for Harry’s baby.

When I got home from work at noon there was a letter for me from George, he is in England and likes it there, the first word we had heard from him for about five weeks.

This afternoon, Mrs. H and I went up to Richard Greenwoods as the Police reported a door unlocked, we ran in at the Stones place and rode around the new road they have bulldozed out. We went along the shore looking for grapes, saw plenty.

Then we went up by the old Pierce farm, what a ruin.

Came out at Manomet Four Corners and back home over the Pine Hills.

Stopped in at the GolkLinks and around by the store.

Eleanor got two letters from George.

Ski went mackerel fishing with the Rounds family after supper and they caught three Mackerel.

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