Sunday, Aug. 27, 1944

240th day – 126 days follow

Fair   Cool

Went up on the hill and did the chores.

Bobbie came up and he and Dave and I did some bow and arrow shooting.

Mr Driscoll came down to see Dave.

When Thel came home from church, Dave, Dottie, Davene, Bob, Ski, Eleanor, Thel and I went down to the camp.

We caught some shiners and Bob, Dave, and I went fishing.

Dave got a bite from one big fish and all told we got 15 red perch.

We stopped at the hill on the way home and kept on to Tremont St and took Bob home.

It was a great day for me today.

I got a wonderful kick out of having Dave and Bob together for a day.

Walder must have gone fishing today for he left us a mess of small cod and canners.

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