Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1944

243rd day – 123 days follow

Fair warmer

Saw Harry and […] this morning.

Helped Mrs. H pick some beach plums.

Worked in the bowling green.

Picked a bushel of tomatoes.

I was watering with a hose by hand and a hummingbird flew out of the grove and stopped in the air just in front of me, so I thought perhaps it wanted a bath so I made a spray of water till it was well soaked then it flew on to a pine tree limb and preened up. Then came back for more six different times.

Thel gave me a ride over to Pauls repair shop to get my army shoes but the shop was closed.

I rode over as far as the movies with Thel and Ski from there I walked to the Armory.

A shakeup tonight, First Sergeant Cole was demoted to Private for conduct at camp.

Rode home as far as JBz corner with Edldrige, walked the rest of the way.

Wonderful night, bright moonlight.

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