Thursday, Aug. 31, 1944

244th day – 122 days follow



This morning Harry, his father, mother, wife, Martha and I went over the surveyed line of the proposed highway that is to be built after the war.

We ended up in the golf links, we walked back along the bluff in front of the hotel.

Mrs Hornblower picked us up in the beach wagon and brought me home and took back some of the jelly Thel made.

After dinner Mr Hornblower and I went down the harbor and waded thru the mud to the river channel then up the channel to Big Hayden there we found an old boar rudder in the river and there was a few large eel tails sticking out from under it, we tried for a heck of a while to catch some, no luck.

So I suggested we go up on the hill and I made some rigs with cod hooks, we did and took Harry and a dippet and went back, and we sure had fun. I got two big ones, Mrs H five or six and Harry about ten and some of them were big ones.

Thel went down to the camp and got Dave, Dot, and Davene.

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