Friday, Sept 1, 1944

245th day – 121 days follow


I gave Redo Nari a couple of rockets to the Policeman’s ball.

Dave and Dot left for Winthrop at Noon with Thel, they picked up May and went in to see Toot. He was not so well.

The first thing I did up on the hill this morning was skin out the eels, there were nineteen.

Harry’s baby was christened this afternoon over at his grandmothers.

Redo came up on the hill and he and I drew off the water on the heater and he capped the two pipes that went into Harry’s Museum.

Harry, his father, and Geo Cromwell went down to visit their bogs,

When Thel got back from Boston she said Toots eyes are better but he is suffering with severe stomach pains so that they have called for a specialist in to give him an examination to see what can be done for his relief.

One Reply to “Friday, Sept 1, 1944”

  1. I remember Uncle Jess asked me if I would like to learn how to skin an eel. I of course said yes. I’d seen eels in the rivers but never caught one or handled on. He said grab on out of the bucket and put it on the table. He sat there and laughed for five minutes while I tried to pick one up. The saying “slippery as an eel” is so true. He got one and cleaned it while I watched. I never caught an eel so never cleaned one. This was around 1950.


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