Thursday, Sept 7, 1944

251st day – 115 days follow


Worked all day building an eel trap and eel car, got the trap finished but have some work to do on the car.

Mrs H and Martha went sea clamming and got three.

Thel, Ski, and Victoria are going up to Whitmans to Eleanor’s shower. I am going over to spend the evening with Walder.

ELeanor paid my income tax.

I went over to Walders and he and I had supper together.

Carol Howland died today, he lived in Bill Henry’s house where I used to work.

I stopped in at Howard Engstrom’s and met a Naval Commander, who is an architect and we had an interesting talk on primitive home construction.

The Boss told me to buy the file in back of my house if I could get it right and he would pay for it and I should have it to use.

Thel took May up to Boston to visit Toot.

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