Tuesday, Sept 5, 1944

249th day – 117 days follow


Saw Mrs. Harry and Hank.

Watered stuff all day.

Thel had a bushel of bountiful plumbs given to her by the Rounds.

Harry will be back again Saturday for nine days.

There is to be a shower for Eleanor up in Whitmans tomorrow night.

Mr, Hornblower is at home with a lame back, he stepped in a window hole.

Jim Adams is to have an operation tomorrow.

Got a letter from Mr. Barden M.A.S. Wants to know if I wish to run a second or third cie president on the M.A.S. ballot

Nellie came down from Boston to see Harry Jr today.

Wrote to Mr Barden suggesting that my name run as 3rd vice president instead of second. I have been second vice president for three years and I think president for three years and I think Rip Bullen wants to be second, as Mr. Howes the First vive will not serve as president Tip would be president if anything should happen to Lee.

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